Who does searches for "Obesity"?

Hypothesis: Your search for "Obesity" if you are either obese or fear getting obese.


Lets see what does Google trends tell us. Below is image of state wide distribution of searches with term "obesity" in it. 

Note: The darker the shade more the number of searches.  For more details click on the link below.

"Obesity" Search Origins

Google Trends: "Obesity" Search Distribution within USA

 Now let us see what does CDC data tell us. CDC  is a government agency tasked with tracking these types of things.

Observation: Notice the high co-relation of  the two images.--Darker shaded states with more heavily dotted areas. 
Result: Our Hypothesis is good. Obese areas tend to search for term "Obesity"
Next Steps: You can use this for your business. Lets say you want to sell a new tennis shoe, you may want to first see where are searches for term "tennis" coming from. This will be a great place to start.

Happy Hunting!