Happy State(s)

Saw this post on Wall St web property. Interesting reading. Here are the top states in their "Happiness" poll. The top five states listed in the descending order of happiness are:
  1. Hawaii
  2. Colorado
  3. Minnesota
  4. Utah
  5. Vermont 
Each state is also ranked in five other categories. These are
  • Well-being index score 
  • Life expectancy 
  • Obesity
  • Median household income 
  • Adult population with high school diploma or higher
The thing that I saw is that the top five states are either top or second-best in one or more of the 5 categories. So, Hawaii has the highest life expectancy, Colorado has the lowest obesity, Minnesota is second-best in two categories-Life expectancy and Adult population with high school diploma or higher and Vermont displayed the highest rate of healthy behavior and life style. The odd man out in the list is Utah. It does not rate in the top five in any of the categories. Strange. So,  looking some more it turns out that it does top a category. The category is -- highest birth rate in the country. So, want to be happy either do really well on one of the categories or have more babies. Problem solved.