Top 3 data sets that has shaped our world

Following are the top three data sets that has shaped our world we live in today.

  1. Global Warming Trends - There have been many different data sets that have been released over the last couple of decades or so that has shaped the conversation in many parts of the world.  Some of the data sources have been questioned by folks on either side of the political divide but it is hard to argue that the data about global climate has had a major impact around the globe.
  2. Sex Offender Data - This is a much less controversial data set and when it is coupled with digital maps (such as Google, Yahoo Maps) produces information that is hard to ignore for any parent with young kids.
  3. Sports Stats/Analytics - This phenomenon popularized by Oakland As and made into a successful movie has shaped not only how baseball is played today but made other professional sports teams wake up and take noteof the benefits of player stats. I believe we are only scratching the surface here.