Basketball data analysis that President wanted to hear about

President Obama on his most recent visit to Bay area wanted to hear about "Muthuball" - a term used to denote new analysis of basketball stats and the role of players on the court. As it turns out the roles they play is rather different from the roles they are officially assigned by coaches and media. And all this due to use of software that was originally designed to help with cancer research. Stanford student- Muthu Alagappan used software developed by Ayasdi (a start up) to study basketball data and came up with ideas that are being called "a new frontier for the NBA."'

Source : San Jose Mercury News/Muthu Alagappan

The above shows 10 positions rather than the customary well established 5 positions.

"His discovery has opened up a whole new basketball debate -- a Pandora's box-and-one, if you will. Alagappan argues that basketball's traditional five positions are as outmoded as James Naismith's peach basket, insisting instead that there are at least 10 distinct positions."

This is another example of applying analysis techniques to new data sets to bring out a few salient "hidden" facts.