NoSQL with MongoDB in 24 hours - Book Review

NoSQL with MongoDB in 24 hours book cover
So, you have a burning desire to learn about NoSQL and MongoDB and can go without sleep for 24 hours, I have the perfect book for you. The book is titled "Sams Teach Yourself NoSQL with MongoDB in 24 Hours". Well, you would have to not only give up sleep for 24 hours but also either be productive enough for 24 hours straight or be caffeinated enough for that time period to pull this off.

The book has 24 chapters- one per hour. So brush up on your speed reading skills. The book has great code examples (but only for learning purposes, do not try to "borrow" code for anything real). It also has useful "tips" and "cautions" planted throughout the book. Below is the introduction from the book.

MongoDB/NoSQL book introduction

Each chapter (which represents one hour of learning) has a Q&A section at the end. I strongly encourage readers to not go on to the next chapter without spending time on it. If you don't spend time on the Q&As (like I tried to) you will find yourself having to go back to earlier chapters for reference more than you would care for. On this note, my disclaimer- I did *not* read the book in 24 hours straight but wanted to. Anyway, I heartily recommend the book to anyone who wishes to become proficient with NoSQL concepts along with a solid foundation of MongoDB. The book is available on Google Books for electronic download. Bon App├ętit!