Plexome - shared workspace for clinical trials

The past few decades have seen tremendous activity in the research and delivery of health care. We have a much better understanding of many diseases and how they can be treated or prevented. Multiple breakthrough advancements in life sciences and rapid improvements in data processing and analytics have further helped us learn from our research activities.

During this time the regulatory framework has been made more cumbersome (for good reasons). This has increased the demand for trained and experienced staff who can conduct research and trials effectively along with technical tools. The network of institutions and individuals involved in this process is astonishing – pre-clinical programs, research institutions, industry partners, bio-banks, health systems, and a plethora of individuals all along the way who need to collaborate to make this promise a reality. The use of data management systems has grown and many innovative systems have come in the market, the number of disparate data silos – silos holding valuable information not accessible to the broader research community – is at an all-time high. And, the growth of silos has led to some unforeseen issues, as detailed in Reference 1.
The most common ways of sharing data that were reported tend to be suboptimal, with email being the most common method for private data sharing (Allin ) and journal supplementary materials being most common for public data sharing (email is not secure enough for private data sharing; data repositories are preferred over supplementary materials for public data sharing)  (Michener ).
So while on the one hand, we are eager to usher in an era of exciting transformation in the way we treat and care for our patients, we should also recognize the challenges that are currently preventing us from getting to the next level. Empowering sponsors, sites and researchers in their common quest for new innovations through efficient communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing, is critical to the continued advancement in the health care field. 

Plexome is the perfect solutions for this network of researchers, CROs, and institutions to tie together the doers, collaborators, data seamlessly within the framework of the regulatory and privacy frameworks now in place globally. Much like an Integrated Development Environment "IDE" or shared workspace used by developers, reviewers and managers in the technology area.  Trying to create a custom solution for institutions can be a stop gap measure at best but sooner rather than later would hamstring the efficiency of the entire organization and research ecosystem. For anyone in the market for a solution to help you master clinical trials and make your life easier, I would suggest you take a look at Plexome.


[1] Hrynaszkiewicz I. (2019) Publishers’ Responsibilities in Promoting Data Quality and Reproducibility. In: . Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg