Customer Success Managers Must NOT Focus on Making Customers Just Happy


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Many will remember when everything they bought or sold was a product. It could be a TV for a home buyer or it could be an AC unit for a building sold to an industrial customer. In the new world, services have replaced products. And since services were built and deployed with software, the acronym SaaS or Software-as-a-Service became popular. A restaurant that sold food when you called in, started delivering food on Uber Eats or Zomato, Zipcar transformed a product such as a car into a service with a monthly fee. And there are thousands more examples around the globe.

Today we will focus on Customer Success -- a function that cropped up in SaaS companies. The product companies had Customer Support Reps (to help customers when they called in) and Account/Relationship Managers (to upsell). The primary goal of these departments was to have a happy customer. 

Things have changed. Customers are no longer just looking for being "happy". Customers expect much more.  They expect to have a good customer experience each time they interact with the service. They expect the outcomes they are paying for. They expect to be told about new features in the service before the feature is even released. They expect guidance on how to incorporate the service elements into their processes, their business model, their day-to-day functioning. And all of these additional responsibilities fall on the shoulders of Customer Success.

Customer Success is a rapidly growing field in all markets including US, Europe and India. Job boards are brimming with high paying Customer Success Manager needed ads in some of the best known blue chip companies. That is the good news! But, on the other side, there are no schools or degrees one can enroll in to become a Customer Success Manager (CSM). There are some online training courses etc. one could pay for that might walk the listener through the glossary and acronyms used in this evolving area but not much else. 

We strongly believe that anyone considering a career in Customer Success should reach out to companies, such as, InfoIvy. InfoIvy is run by professionals who have years of experience as CSMs in the industry. They use their real world experience to cut through the clutter and focus on the important stuff. No class room jargon, just knowledge that the aspirant can use to crack interviews, work with customers, get noticed and earn the well deserved promotion.

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