Why Conversational Artificial Intelligence is Important to Your Marketing



What does it mean when one of your customers answers The AI chatbot told me to your support question? Is that good or bad for your business? What makes an AI chatbot different from other scripted chatbots? And what should you do to ensure it’s going to be successful? In this article we consider the reasons why you need to have a solid conversational artificial intelligence approach in your marketing, customer support and customer success game plan.

Improves customer success

The goal of conversational artificial intelligence is to enable businesses to better understand their customers by having a more in-depth and relevant customer experience.

Improves sales pipeline management

Conversational AI may be used to improve sales pipeline management by proactively identifying leads that are likely to result in a purchase. Through analytics, you can assess which leads are most likely to convert into customers and focus on communicating with them first.

Removes stress from employees

When employees don’t have to jump through so many hoops for help or support, it significantly reduces their stress and makes them much more productive. This leads to a better customer experience, as well as happier and more effective employees.

Removes stress from customers

Conversation artificial intelligence is capable of removing stress from customers. Studies have proven that over 80% of customer service experiences go poorly.  With conversation AI, your customers will be more engaged and less likely to experience frustrating interactions with a non-human agent. The customer experience will be seamless and personalized. This will give you an edge over your competitors.

Increases customer loyalty

When people are able to ask a question, get an answer and not have it feel like they’re talking with a robot, they’re more likely to feel loyal.

Improves ability to predict customer behavior

As business and marketing experience evolves, it is becoming quite evident that there’s a need for better tools and solutions that can help in improving customer success. Chatbots help companies manage customer service with increased efficiency and accuracy. In doing so, customers enjoy enhanced experiences due to higher resolutions of their issues. This results in an improved ability to predict customer behavior. Customers become more satisfied and loyal as they perceive that their concerns are being addressed effectively by the brand they support.