Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success: Ayurveda & Traditional Medicine


"Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success: Ayurveda & Traditional Medicine" with our guest speaker, Stephanie Perrault, a marketing expert and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She has amazing clarity and insights for all founders or folks wanting to be startup founders.

🚀 In this session, we'll explore how Ayurveda and traditional medicine can be leveraged for business success, and Stephanie will share her invaluable insights.

Stephanie is the co-founder of Assistanova, a leading digital marketing company specializing in scaling businesses and empowering startups. She's also the co-founder of VAV, a digital agency revitalizing small villages in rural France. With her passion for community and digital innovation, Stephanie has a lot to offer.

Join us to learn from her expertise and get inspired!

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