Using Process Mining Techniques for Customer Journey Maps

Process Mining Framework Proposed in Paper Today will take a quick look at this paper published recently by two leading business school professors. Reference is listed below. The authors in the reviewed paper provide a model that is intended for any one who is interested in mapping customer experience by clarifying the components of Customer Journey Maps (CJMs) . By purposefully drawing upon a standard born within the process mining arena, the model presented exhibits the following features:  it is easily exploitable by data analytics tools,  it is extensible to fit a domain- specific application, and  it is not tool-dependent.  By bringing process mining techniques and CJMs closer together, the model closes the gap between actual and expected CJMs and the authors propose a potential new area of research, which requires further investigations with real-life collections of CJMs. The authors anticipate that new techniques and metrics are needed to cluster journeys and their repre