Unlocking IoT Secrets and Careers Paths with Dom Kamath (Former ATT IoT Exectuive)

Welcome to the highlights of Session 2 in our enlightening IoT series, featuring Dom Kamath, a distinguished former leader from ATT's IoT division. In this captivating retrospective, we delve into the dynamic realm of IoT Customer Success and Support.

Discover key insights from our engaging discussion with Dom Kamath, an esteemed authority in the IoT landscape. Gain valuable perspectives on the impact of IoT on businesses, explore the pivotal roles of IoT ecosystem players, and delve into strategies for optimizing customer engagement and experience. Dom also imparts his wisdom on effective IoT sales and marketing strategies, and demystifies the critical aspects of IoT ROI and TCO considerations. Session Highlights: Unveiling IoT's Role in Transforming Businesses: Use Cases and Benefits Navigating the IoT Ecosystem: Vendors, System Integrators, and Service Providers Elevating Customer Engagement and Experience in the IoT Realm Strategic Insights into IoT Sales and Marketing Tactics Demystifying IoT ROI and TCO Analysis Exclusive Fireside Chat with Dom Kamath: Pearls of Wisdom from a Former ATT IoT Leader Join the conversation, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay connected for more enriching content and upcoming sessions in our insightful IoT series. 🔗

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