Big Data for The Small Guy

Big Data or Analytics is not just for the big guys or the faceless corporations. The same techniques that work for them can also work for you . "That is all fine but I do not have any big data"-- you say. Think again. Do you have a twitter account? Do you occasionally send or receive tweets from your friends and family or even from complete strangers? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I have two tools for you. These tools will not change your life or make you a better (or worse) person but what they will do is to provide you insight into your twitter account. They are very simple to use and need no software to be installed first. They are both "cloud" based. (Just had to throw another hot buzzword in there.)

The first tool is TweetStats ( This is a simple tool and delivers stats on tweets per hour, Reply stats and more.

The second tool is BrandTweets ( This tool will let you compare your twitter account with any of your friends or foes (as long as you know their twitter handles).

Enjoy the tools and do let me know if you find others that you like or hate.