Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt Work but Mark Zuckerberg Not Quite

For those who have outgrown Thesaurus and want to be able to pull in even more related words quickly without having to scan boatloads of search results, there is hope. The hope is in the most unfamiliar of places--Google Docs. The spreadsheet is able to create more words for you based on your selection of words that you have inputted. Screen shot below. Note the first two words were entered and the rest pulled by Google Sets.I wanted to see which CEOs or founders are really associated (their names have high co-relation with the companies they work with or founded). The two below look really good. The famous names chosen for this quick "experiment" are known to all living humans who do not inhabit a cave. "Bill Gates" and "Eric Schmidt" do really well. The list filled in by data from Google Sets makes perfect sense. No surprises.

Next I tried the following famous name "Mark Zuckerberg". The data provided does not have in it the now globally recognized brand - "Facebook". Interesting. Must just be a bug in Google Sets. (or not!)

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