Gun Debate

There has been a lot said and written on the whole issue of guns. The arguments range the entire spectrum from one end being that more guns means more safety to the other which is guns lead to violence and death and hence having lesser number of guns is good. So, is there anything we can glean from Google trends. This is the question that I have been looking at recently. I could just as well have done research on number of deaths caused by guns (suicide or homicide) and the number of guns sold in the year. But in the spirit of the blog I kept my efforts focused only on Google Trend data. So, without more words, here is the graph that I want the reader to look at. There is a followup question at the bottom and my take at an answer.

Does the above tell you anything? My answer is that really nothing other than the fact that the discussion on guns covers all topics. Its a divisive issue and that both sides spend cycles searching for both ends of the arguments. Its not possible to see if the same people search for both sides or these are different people. There is data out there but I guess you have to be a Google employee to pry it and look for answers.