How much for Cup of Mocha (in year 2017)?

It is never easy to plan for the future. Its even harder when the only thing you have to guide you is your imagination on what the future might hold, what the employment situation will look like, what the prices of wholesale cocoa will be. Yes-you read it right. If you are an average adult by-products of cocoa (Chocolate for the uninitiated) are of utmost importance to you. And to get a better handle on the what you might be paying in the year 2017 for your cup of morning Mocha here is a useful website for you. Warning: There is a lot of data/charts etc for your viewing pleasure but for most people the extra shot of data and graphs can be avoided.

As you can see, its not all bad. You are probably paying more now then you will in year 2017. Important note though that the prices shown are wholesale prices and a cup of  mocha at your favorite caffeine haunt may vary.