James Beats Out LeBron, Kevin and Kobe

NBA has done a good job of letting the fans see detailed stats. The page is stats.nba.com and it is meant for the die hard fan. What it is not meant for are fans who want to be able to do more than the page gives them. There is a lot of good stuff though. Switch between the Graph view and the Grid view. One is much easier on the eyes and the other has a lot more information. So, any way enjoy and marvel the efficiency of KD and KB--only two guys who beat the league averages in all scoring categories as defined by NBA.

Anyway getting salaries from ESPN, and cross referencing data from NBA stats page shows that James Harden is the most cost effective point scorer in the league. At least for the year 2012.
Note: Lower the $/PPG the better!

                                                                                                 $/PPG    2012 Salary    PPG
  1. James Harden                         Houston Rockets    222153    5820417    26.2
  2. Kevin Durant              Oklahoma City Thunder    584899    16669629    28.5
  3. LeBron James                                  Miami Heat    649815    17545000    27
  4. Carmelo Anthony                    New York Knicks    689521    19444503    28.2
  5. Kobe Bryant                       Los Angeles Lakers    1001768    27849149    27.8