Once You Read This You May Not Like Facebook Likes

So, you were browsing and you hit upon this really cool page that you just had to "Like". Seems harmless enough. Wait a minute. Think again. You do this innocuous action enough number of times and you keep revealing pixels of yourself to the resourceful, well tooled eye.  And before you know the machine will be able to put together a very accurate replica of you. In fact the replica will resemble the original to such an extent that you might  not be pleasantly surprised.

The study below refers to University of Cambridge research project.  Once you read it, I bet you won't like it very much (no pun intended). Excerpt:
"The study found the highest accuracy for ethnic origin and gender, with African Americans and Caucasians correctly classified in 95% of cases. Males and females were correctly classified in 93% of cases; Christians and Muslims in 82% of cases. Sexual orientation was easier to distinguish among males (88%) than females (75%).

The study notes that Likes that are the "best predictors of high intelligence include 'Thunderstorms,' The Colbert Report, 'Science" and 'Curly Fries.' Low intelligence was indicated by liking (Facebook pages for) 'Sephora,' 'I Love Being A Mom,' 'Harley Davidson' and 'Lady Antebellum.' " Researchers gave no further explanation of these findings."