Starring Brad P., Mark H. and Justin B.

Lets see how the facts in the article in on the top entertainment stars show up on Google Trends graphs. (Hint: The trends support the article for the most part.) Brad Pitt is the big star in terms of search popularity compared with lowly Mark Harmon. No doubt about it. But I guess search popularity does not always translate to big paydays.

Now lets see how Justin Bieber compares with Mr. Angelina Jolie. Well he blows away Brad Pitt right out of the water. But doing a quick check and comparing it appears to me that Brad did well in light of his low internet popularity and Justin's stratospheric search popularity. But then again the statement "And the 49-year-old Mr. Angelina Jolie didn't come close to cashing in as copiously as a certain star who's half his age did: Justin Bieber, 19, racked up $55 million in earnings." is vague enough that it can argued either way.