What you should be earning?

If you name is not a "Bill Gates" or a "Warren Buffet" or "Carlos Slim", you probably do care about how much money you take home after putting in a hard days work. You can talk to your buddies or family and all you will get is a rough estimate of the amount that you should be making or you deserve to be making etc. None of this really helps. There are two great and extremely easy to use web destinations that you can assist you . So, without wasting any more of your time here they are:
  • http://paytrends.intuit.com - great place to enter you city and title and see what is the pay distribution. Data sources are from Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government agencies.
  • http://www.glassdoor.com - you can see numbers like the other site but you also get to see reviews written by either current or ex-employees (or for that matter people masquerading as either employees or ex-employees). But does some of the reviews do make for some fun reading.