What came first (Chicken or Egg)? Big Data Style

Amusing post on Gigaom.com. Great site. Great topic. Totally flawed logic. I understand the need to write stuff that is catchy but writing purely gibberish is what the author of this post has accomplished. To break down his long winded rambling post -- his logic is since we cannot decide whether egg came first or chicken we can not say for sure that if we hatch an egg we will get a chicken. Now even a kindergartner knows that hatching a chicken egg gets you a chick. Simple. Lets take another example, if smart people drink latte, and I target latte drinkers I am targeting smart people. It does not matter if latte makes them smarter or because they are smart they all figured that latte is the best drink out there. Great minds do think alike though.

So, to all those little guys who do not like to get sucked into big words and impenetrable sounding logic, heaps of which has been presented by the author in his post on Gigaom, ignore it all and just do what comes instinctively to you and you will be just fine.

Disclaimer: I am a latte drinker too. :)