Top three reasons why big data and cloud are a perfect couple

As more companies get serious about data (big or long) they need to decide the basic question - host data with use of captive data centers or go with a cloud vendor. I present top three reasons why this is an easy question to answer.

1. Cost

Big data implies big storage along with enough compute power to go along with the storage. Anyone who has operated an in-house data center knows that setting up and running data center operations is not cheap. One time equipment fees, cost of personnel, monitoring - it all adds up. On the other hand the new pricing framework now put in place by almost all major cloud providers allows the consumers to only pay for what they consume ("pay for what you eat"). Economies of scale that are available to cloud vendors help drive the cost down for the consumers something they can never achieve by themselves.

2. Security

One of the major reasons, that company executives green light a captive data center is the feeling that it will be more secure. Unless you are running a Fortune 100 company, chances are that any data center you can put up will not be as secure as a cloud hosted deployment. Most cloud providers are certified for various security standards and they do regular audits to keep their certifications intact. "How come we hear of leaks and break-ins?" You ask.  The is true but the risk of that happening in a captive data center is no less even if it is easier to cloak such breaches.

3. Integration

Having your data in the cloud allows you to integrate with many analytics, visualization, and other value added vendors who are also cloud based. In many cases your cloud vendor might already have done some or all of the integration work for you. You can enjoy the benefits of the ecosystem without having to create one.

So, for reasons mentioned above I recommend anyone considering hosting their own data in a captive location to think again.