Big Data Analytics - Easier to deploy than you might think

Big data analytics is one of the few technologies that is easier to deploy than most cutting edge technologies. Most of which often end up being bleeding edge technologies that can severely damage an organization. The following table is taken from the book "Big Data Analytics" by David Loshin. The book is a great read for anyone wishing to learn more about big data analytics.

Why Big Data Analytics has a lower barrier to entry?
Why Big Data Analytics has a lower barrier to entry?
The authors caution the decision makers to consider the following factors before making the final decision:
  • Feasability - Steps to align organizations with the new initiatives
  • Reasonability - Will the organizations benefit?
  • Value - Does the cost justify the value that is expected to be created?
  • Integrability - Enumerate and plan to overcome any challenges that might exist
  • Sustainability  - Planning for the care and feeding of projects  over medium and long term

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