Using Process Mining Techniques for Customer Journey Maps

Process Mining Framework Proposed in Paper

Today will take a quick look at this paper published recently by two leading business school professors. Reference is listed below.

The authors in the reviewed paper provide a model that is intended for any one who is interested in mapping customer experience by clarifying the components of Customer Journey Maps (CJMs) . By purposefully drawing upon a standard born within the process mining arena, the model presented exhibits the following features: 

  • it is easily exploitable by data analytics tools, 
  • it is extensible to fit a domain-specific application, and 
  • it is not tool-dependent. 
By bringing process mining techniques and CJMs closer together, the model closes the gap between actual and expected CJMs and the authors propose a potential new area of research, which requires further investigations with real-life collections of CJMs. The authors anticipate that new techniques and metrics are needed to cluster journeys and their representatives, to predict the next customer’s touchpoint, and to navigate among the journeys. The paper foresees that future studies will benefit from the existing environment and knowledge of process mining. 
Simple scenario for application of process mining on CJMs

The authors believe that the advances in the sentiment analysis algorithm, the growing complexity of customers’ needs, and the expanding amount of data produced provide an exciting opportunity to advance our knowledge of CJMs with empirical tools.