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How Important are Tools/Tech for Customer Success

The short answer is - Not very important. It might be an over simplification but for startups and small but growing companies it is true. As growth drives more customers to your portfolio you should start looking for tech/tool help. For the small business (what this post is focused on) - It’s about partnering with customers throughout their journey so they realize great outcomes and achieve their goals.

To manage best customer experiences focus on the following three pillars:

1. Allow customer to select the right solutions for their business needs

The customer journey typically begins with online research, so you should look to provide an exceptional experience starting well before you are pulled into an engagement. Through an intelligent website, serve up the relevant information potential customers need, including information related to all your solutions.

Once customers are ready to engage, provide experts—both within your company and via your partner community—who have deep functional, industry, and technical knowledge to ensure prospects select the right solution to achieve their goals and match their business needs.

2. Enable the new customer to realize value right away (minimize TTV)

Once a customer makes a purchase, your job is to help them succeed has only just begun. To help customers begin realizing value right away, focus on designing guided journeys—from service activation through onboarding, account management, and customer success—that not only put customers in control of their experience, but also include helpful information and best practices.Remember you are the expert and they are looking to you for guidance.

3. Must all customers to directly connect with their peers

Know organizations want to learn from others who are tackling similar challenges.

Conduct user group meetings, share 12 month product roadmap, share LinkedIn profiles of other customers - to foster direct communication. You can even consider hosting a user group online group. If you create a user group, please make sure to moderate it. Later on you might be able to transition it to customer champions.

No matter where your customers are on their journeys, ensure that your team is focused on driving success and great outcomes.