Conversation with Founder of Powered by Search


I was fortunate enough to have talked to some industry leaders recently. If you would like to be a guest and chat with me please DM me on twitter (@shankar_sahai) or connect with me on LinkedIn.

 This post is on conversation with Dev Basu, the fouder of "Powered by Search" - his is a real fascinating story. 

Sharing a couple of excerpts from our conversation:

Looking at the name “Powered By Search”, it is actually a pretty nerdy thing. It came from operating on the web when I was young, I would say around 9 or 10-years-old.  You probably remember seeing on forums ‘powered by’ whatever page. When we started the company I  started thinking what is our DNA and the answer is to be searched.  That is why we called the company “Powered By Search”. What we are really good at is understanding intent and we know that when people are Googling anything at all, they usually try to solve a problem. In many ways we think about all the keywords as problems and we think about clients that have content on the websites as solutions. So, by figuring out what the users are really after and then aligning with the appropriate content on a client website, you get sort of nice meeting point where the intent and content end up coming together and creating really good user experience. Interestingly enough, just doing that has been our DNA for the last 8 years.  That secret sauce really helped us grow fast. That is why clients come aboard with us.  They apply that methodology and let us call it an intent engine. Then they see that the results are not only  sustainable but also predictable. I think the difference between us and other agencies is the way  I pursue it because there is a lot of crystal ball thinking in the industry. Clients want to know what the latest trend is so they center overemphasize on tactics and underemphasize on strategy. 

Our understanding is that intent is what people really want.

Dev explains growing user base:

We create all sorts of content including banner creatives, landing pages, interactive quizzes, infographics, and more. We don’t do video for our clients but we work with partners who do. We have a full time video strategist on our team who works closely with our production partners. Video production is an entirely different skillset so we make sure we work with best partners.

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