5 Ethical Questions That Will Change The Future of Customer Experience


We believe that customer success isn’t just about delivering product value and fixing bugs, it’s also about managing the growth of customer relationships and doing it in an ethical way. In order to manage growth ethically, we must be able to answer the following five questions with relevant answers about the future of customer experience.

1) What Do We Value?

As customer experience becomes a bigger part of business, we find ourselves looking at every opportunity in terms of its impact on CX. It’s a simple enough idea, but one that we often seem to forget. We focus on revenue and profitability over everything else because they are what allow us to do our jobs. But if we keep our eyes on them too much, if we pursue them too hard, it can lead us down dark paths that compromise our values and beliefs. What Do We Value?

2) Are We In This Together?

Don’t forget that your customers are human beings with real lives, who have opinions and feelings. If you want to build a long-lasting relationship with them then you need to show them respect and empathy.

3) What is ethical use of data

Customers today expect a lot from service providers, including access to self-service tools and detailed information about their interactions with you. It’s important to be up front about what data you will collect, how you will use it, and how your customers can access it.

4) What power should tech companies possess over their customers

Tech companies possess massive amounts of information about their customers. But how should these companies use that power? Should customers be able to delete their data, or even create an account in a company’s database if they choose?  What will it take for tech customers to feel protected from abuses committed by companies that own and control our data? Customers need more control over their relationship with businesses, and technology needs greater checks and balances when it comes to safeguarding customer data. If technology can connect everyone on Earth but end up harming its users instead, then something is wrong — and action must be taken before we lose any more trust in businesses online.

5) Have We Left No One Behind?

In today’s world, customer success and customer experience are top-of-mind topics. But what happens to those who can’t or won’t adapt? Who is responsible for these customers? Is it a company’s responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to a usable and enjoyable product, no matter their technical skill level? These are ethical questions facing our generation. What do you think? Share your thoughts in an ethical discussion about CSM practices today.