What is Customer Success Operations (CS Ops)?


Customer success needs to be a continual process, rather than a one-time deal. It’s about more than just the customer; it’s about your company, too. That’s why it’s important to hire and train the right people to do CS ops, or Customer Success Operations (CS Ops). In this guide on what is customer success operations (CS Ops), you’ll learn everything you need to know about the role and the job description, so you can start building your own operations team today!

How Does a Good Customer Success Operation Look Like?

When it comes to customer success operations, there are lots of ideas about what makes a good CSO, but less agreement on how to actually measure and achieve that vision. To do so requires being able to clearly articulate CSO success objectives. In addition, successful companies often have a head of customer success as well as other support resources. All of these pieces need to work together effectively in order for your business’s strategy to be realized with regards to increased loyalty and revenue generation.

Team Roles

CS ops teams typically contain three main roles: success analyst, customer success engineer and head of customer success. Each team member should specialize in one role only, but some companies have full-time employees that work in more than one position. For example, a CS ops team might have a head of customer success who manages other employees who are dedicated to one or two specific roles. In small teams that include just a few people, every member may handle every function by default.

Where Should You Start When Building Your Own Customer Success Operation?

As a customer success manager, one of your first questions may be: where should I start when building my own customer success operation? There are five key components to building a successful CSO.

 They are:

  • Service Model
  • Support Model
  • Analytics Model
  • KPI and Measurement Methodology
  • Customer Outreach Strategy


If you’re a customer success manager, it means that you are responsible for executing customer success strategies. One of your main goals is to increase customer retention and generate more revenue from your existing customers. CS Ops can help you with both the goals and make you look like a true champion. :)